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Why is Videography Expensive?

So you’ve had a look at outsourcing your Videography, but are astounded as to why creating a Video for your business can cost so much, and quickly mount up. We’re here to explain just a few of the reasons behind why Videography has a higher price tag than other mediums, but why it’s worth every penny.

The gear needed to produce a commercial-looking video is expensive.

You’ve probably had a look at the prices of even an entry-level DSLR camera, and shied away at the thought of spending £1000-upward of a camera, when your phone can do just as good a job. Ultimately, to get a clean-looking and professional image that can be distributed through a variety of different channels, a phone camera simply isn’t up to scratch.

Theres a reason why Videographers and Content Creators like ourselves invest heavily in our gear, we not only want to get the best out of our cameras, but also the best final product for our clients. There are many factors that mount the price of a camera up, with resolution, image sharpness, colour science, image formats and dynamic range all playing part in the RRP of a new rig. Lenses to put on those cameras are also famously expensive (but mostly well-reasoned), with options like the type and quality of glass manufacturers use in the lenses, how wide or tight a lens is, how much light the lens lets in, and how well the lens focuses all being key players in the final pricing.

It takes a lot of time and effort to get to a level of professionalism suited for Advertising.

There’s a reason not everyone is a Videographer. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it! To get to a level of videography that businesses are happy to pay money for, there’s a certain skillset and certain rules you need to know, all of which takes time to learn.

Sure anyone can pick up a camera nowadays (especially with phone cameras making video more accessible), but that doesn’t mean everyone is suddenly a Videographer. Videography is an art, and like any other, one that takes time to master. Having a solid foundation of skills and knowledge is something that takes a lot of practice and time to get right, which makes it not only more desirable, but more expensive.

Pre and Post-Production make or break a video project.

Going into a Video Shoot with no plan is like jumping out of a plane with no parachute. (Okay, well not quite).

Pre-Production combines the art of drafting a treatment, brief, drafting a script, a story-board, shoot schedule, sourcing locations, sourcing equipment, permissions, the list goes on… Without any of these, when you turn up to a shoot, you’re very likely to be left on the back foot. A decent set of pre-production skills is invaluable to any Content Creator, especially if you want your final project to look anything like what you’ve drafted up in the storyboard.

Post-Production is arguably one of the most important final stages of your Video. What happens in this stage is essentially going to determine what your final product looks like, so it’s important to get right. Not only are there crucial Editing and Audio choices to make, but there’s also time spent Colour-Grading an image, picking apart a shot frame-by-frame and deciding which parts to use, time spent nailing the pacing and feel of the video, and getting across an accurate representation of your brand. All of this requires time, ultimately, which has to be paid for.

It’s in demand!

Good Videographers are in demand, especially with the rise of Video Content being so sharp in 2021.

Having a creative skillset has fast become valuable in the digital age. With businesses constantly on the look for new and fresh creators to look after their online content, this set of skills is one that’s very much in demand. The need for professional Videographers will only rise in this digital age, which makes them more valuable, increasing the industry-standard rate across the board.

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