Events Photography & Videography; Why invest?

Events and Live Music are making a comeback, yay! As not only event Photographers and Videographers but also keen live music fans ourselves, we can’t wait to see what all our favourite events brands have in store for us when we’re allowed to attend live music events. That being said, in the run-up to the first event date of June 21st, we thought we’d dive into why we think having professional event Photography or Videography is important, and why you should think about investing in it as a brand owner.

Did it even happen?

First of all, if there’s no evidence online, did it even happen?

Having some sort of event media coverage in the digital age is becoming more and more important to attract future event-goers. Having either a set of Photos or a short Video highlight of what happened at your event is the best way to show people what happened at your event, and most importantly, why they should attend the next one. It also adds to your online content portfolio that you can come back to at any point in the year, building a solid platform for your brand to thrive with.

Builds brand confidence

When people are looking for tickets to an event, the first thing they want to know is if it’s going to be worth the money they’re going to spend. Without any form of photo or videographic marketing content for you to push your event with it’s very hard to showcase what you’re going to deliver. Think of it this way; would you be more likely to go to the cinema and pay money to see a film you’ve seen the trailer for (and you know will be good), or more likely to go to one you’ve never heard anything about, with a poster with just a logo and tagline on it?

Having a form of content you can push and promote your events brand with is one of the most important bits of the puzzle to finalise after getting your event brand up and running, and is what will set you apart from your competition, and lead to growth in your brand. We offer a variety of event packages for a variety of different budgets, that can include pre and post event promotional videos, as well as on-location Photography and Videography.

Engaging, engaging, engaging…

We talk about engaging content a lot, but because it’s super important!

Whether it’s having a set of photos people can look back at from your event and try and find themselves in, or having a video showcasing the best bits from your event, having at least 1 form of engaging content people can react with and share will no doubt help when it comes to putting on your next event. Have you ever been to a live music event and had your photo taken, for you to then go onto the brands Facebook page and try and find it? From this simple action a potential customer has had to go through a few important places you can advertise your next event on (including a social media page for example), all of which gives them options when it comes to them choosing to purchase a ticket to your next event.

Having this form of engaging post-event content really helps drive your brand forward, and is something we strongly believe leads to not only growth in social numbers, but also growth in tickets sales.

Entices return event-goers

When a customer clicks onto your social media page and sees some content from one of your past events they like the look of, one of the first things they’re going to do is either share that content with their friends and convince them to attend your next event, or see if you’re holding any events in the future. Both of these steps are crucial when it comes to increasing your return rate of event-goers, and is something that will increase not only your brand presence, but also attendance rate too.

There are a couple of forms of content we shoot that have gone viral in the past making waves within the relevant industries, and we’ve seen first hand how these have directly increased brand awareness, leading to more ticket sales.

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