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For this weeks blog post, we bring you back to an interview on Resonant Visuals we did with HQB News. Told from the founder Dominic's perspective, find out a bit more about what we stand for, how Resonant came about, and what the future holds for us.

Coronavirus may have taken its toll on the events industry. However, it hasn’t stopped Resonant Visuals owner Dominic Taylor maintaining a positive outlook on the future of his creative prowess…

Resonant Visuals is a Photography and Videography company owned by Bournemouth-based Dominic Taylor. Dominic is the lead content creator at Resonant Visuals and has spoken to us about all things creative and how he maintains his passion even during an industry-crushing pandemic.

In this article, Dominic talks us through his long-held passion for content creation and the appeal of working for himself. He also explains how he got his foot in the door of virtual events, something we’ve heard a lot about in recent times.

How did Resonant Visuals start?

'Resonant Visuals started out from my passion for Photography and Videography. I’ve carried that passion from a young age. Ever since the first moment I picked up a camera, I’ve enjoyed capturing moments in time and showing them to others for them to enjoy.

Being able to do that whilst also earning a living and work for myself is something that’s always appealed to me!'

What inspired you to start up a Photography and Videography business?

'It was always working for myself that appealed to me. Having the flexibility to accept work while still having control over my time is something I've always wanted. After working multiple 9-5 jobs whilst trying to make Resonant work alongside it just wasn’t working. I decided to take the plunge and put all my time and energy into it, and it’s paid off.'

What was your mission at the outset?

'My mission from the get-go was simple: to deliver high-quality work without the enormous costs often associated with it. Talking to a few local videographers in the industry, it became apparent that very few had any flexibility or creative input as an employee. I wanted to offer that.'

What inspired the concept for Resonant Visuals?

'My concept for the business is based around a content creation agency model. But I focused it on Photography and Videography more than anything else. Since then, we’ve expanded to offer a variety of new and exciting services.'

'Now, we are proud to cover pretty much any type of content creation you can think of. The Resonant umbrella includes Photography, Videography, Content Creation, Video Editing, Aerial Photography and Videography, Display Ads, Headshots, and even Live Streaming services.'

Have you covered any virtual events?

'We recently covered a livestream event that iced events hosted. And we definitely have plans for more in the future!'

Do you work locally or nationally as well?

'We're a national business, operating up and down the country. I remember one specific weekend last year where we had jobs on a Thursday in Bournemouth, Friday in Cardiff, and Saturday in Birmingham. A lot of driving and not a lot of sleep! Now that times have changed, we’re much more of a local business. However, clients that aren’t local are still more than welcome to enquire about our services.'

As of now, what are you most proud of? In regards to what you’ve done at Resonant Visuals…

'I’d probably say it was shooting Printworks with Sub Zero & Original Sin at the Playaz event last February. Shooting in a club as famous and iconic as Printworks was always a dream for me. And thanks to Sub Zero I was able to make that a reality! The venue is ridiculous — I urge you to visit if you can (post-COVID).'

What are your aims for 2021, covid-permitting?

'My aims for the rest of this year (2020) are mostly to prepare for next year. To look at different ways I can restructure the business to suit various covid scenarios that may roll out next year. Pre-COVID I was very focused on events. But now they’re not a thing anymore, I have to look hard at ways I can still drive forward with various restrictions.'

What challenges has the pandemic presented you? How have you overcome them?

'The pandemic presented quite a few challenges, mostly since 70-80% of my work was focused on events. This means most of my business got wiped out when the first lockdown came about. And there were some moments where I wondered if I’d ever get back to where I used to be.

I try to surround myself with creative people, which has rubbed off on me, as my outlook on the future is now bright!'

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