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How Digital Marketing is adding value to business:

Digital Marketing is a serious player in todays marketing world, for a whole plethora of reasons. It’s safe to say that if you aren’t including Digital in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a trick! There are a whole host of reasons why many (if not all) industry-leaders are choosing to forge a new budget-backed path down this route, we’re here to break just a couple of them down, and explain why you should consider including a digital means of marketing in your marketing strategy.

Cost Efficient

Digital Marketing brings an end to the need for large-budget campaigns. With even the simplest of tools and the smallest of budgets, a small business owner can go about setting up a campaign that delivers on what their goal is, without spending a large chunk of their budget. Because Digital is now so much more readily accessible than previous years, including price-wise, it’s offerings make it a really solid option for growing your business’ reach, without breaking the bank.

But of course, if you aren’t targeting the right people to show your ad to, then suddenly Digital becomes quite frustrating. But, thanks to companies like Google and Facebook, we’ve now seen a whole new way of creating an audience for your ad. Using tools built-in to the relevant platforms (Facebook Ads Manager & Google Ads), you’re now able to define who to show your audience to, and even get an insight as to how well that audience is going to react to your ad.

All of this makes Digital one of the more cost-efficient strategies to use when drafting up a Marketing plan, and makes it a real contender to focus on.

Improved ROI

If you’re not getting a good Return on Investment (ROI) in your marketing campaign, it can suddenly seem like you’re better off just burning your money instead of investing it on a strategy. We’ve seen first hand how bad strategies obliterate budgets, and the financial struggle they bring to the people behind them.

Luckily for Digital, this isn’t as big a problem. With a well-defined audience and a solid set of content, the ROI on this medium is much higher than others, and can bring back much more than the outset cost, resulting in a positive ROI (yay!). Defining those all-important parameters have also never been easier, and like mentioned above, can be done within a matter of minutes.


The means of tracking how well your campaign has done have jumped on leaps and bounds in the past years, with the leading advertising companies making it easier than ever for you to collect data from your ads, analyse where you’ve succeeded, and highlight what needs improvement.

There are lots of tools out there that’ll show you how much engagement you’ve had in your ad set, the most prominent being Google Analytics and Facebook Ad Manager. Both of these tools offer easily and friendly ways showing you how your ad has performed, but also go far beyond that. Facebook’s Ad Manager allows you to do A and B testing, see a realistic preview over different platforms of how your ad will look, as well as a large list of customisation options for your ad. Google’s Analytics is more data-driven, with the tool able to show you not only the levels of engagement your ad has had, how also how long people have stayed on your site, where they’ve come from, if they’re return users, the list goes on.

Higher Engagement

Especially when you pair a Digital Marketing campaign with a piece of content like a short Video ad, the levels of engagement you can get from your campaign can be, at times, unbelievable. We at Resonant are big believers that it’s time to switch out the old traditional text and photo advert for something more exciting, and the results speak for themselves.

Purely talking stats, a 1 minute video can transmit across 1.8 million words, that’s 30,000 words a second! Shorten it down to a typical 10 second video ad and you’ve suddenly got 300,000 words of useful and relevant information you can transfer to your audience in a quick fire form, which we strongly believe is worth investing in. Think about it for yourself, are you more likely to read 300,000 words on an advert, or watch a 10 second video? We know which one we’d choose.

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